Sea of Tranquility

Pete Downes

  1. Becalmed
  2. Bay of Rainbows
  3. Sea of Tranquility
  4. Moving Waves
  5. Cumulus
  6. Mare Orientale
  7. Purple Skies
  8. Autumn
  9. Selene
  • Pete Downes: acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards.
  • Clifford White: keyboards
  • Paul Batchelor: keyboards

“I currently own over 1200 music CD’s. This is definitely in the top 5!! I enjoy New Age, instrumentals and Ambient most–this album is relaxing and fresh. Even on low volume in a dark or dimly lighted room, the flow of mellow yet clear guitar reaches out and washes over you. This album confirms for me the unique power of a guitar to touch your heart, and calm the troubled soul.”
Bob Sutton, CD Baby customer