Classics Rock! The new album from Pete Downes


Classics Rock!


The new album by Pete Downes featuring famous classical themes with classic grooves will be on general release digitally from
16 June 2017!


1 Prelude no. 1 in C Major Ave Maria

Based on J.S. Bach’s opening Prelude from The Well Tempered Clavier. Part of Gounod’s Ave Maria theme is incorporated. However, the improvisation allowed the retention of Bach’s original structure.

2 Bourrée Shredded

Based on J.S. Bach’s famous Bourrée from Lute suite BWV996. Here given a contemporary rock treatment.

3 Moonlight Sonata Reggae

Beethoven’s opening movement always suggested to me an undercurrent of straight eighths cutting across the triplet eighths – as in a reggae feel!

4 Prelude no. 2 in C Minor Disco

An arrangement inspired by Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean of Bach’s second Prelude from The Well Tempered Clavier.

5 Lacrymosa Blues

From Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor, this suggested to me a classic Blues feel with its 12/8 time signature.

6 Chopin Chops (Waltz in C# Minor)

I’ve always wanted to play this Chopin tune. However, its ebbing and flowing tempo in places meant much experimentation in finding a tempo which rides all sections. Played as a jazz waltz.

7 Swan Lake Swing

Tchaikovsky’s simple yet beautiful melody is given a jazz ballad treatment.

8 Partita in E Major

Famous as a violin solo piece, this was also present in Bach’s Lute Suites. This was from a live video take by PD3 (Pete Downes Trio) and was previously released on their album Song for Sophia. Check out the PD3 video.

9 La Catedral Rock

The first movement of the Augustin Barrios piece as an introspective rock ballad.

10 Prelude no 3 in C# Major

The third prelude from Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. Watch the video.


Pete Downes: electric and acoustic guitars
Alex Lofoco:
electric bass
Andy Coe:
double bass
Tim Bruce:
drums and percussion.


Portraits of composers are intentionally cropped to focus on their faces – not the fashion of their period.