jazziz1.jpgJazziz on Mystery of Weather. Influences from Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck to John McLaughlin and Miles Davis can be detected in their often moody sonic soundscapes”
rocksoc.jpgMartin Hudson, Classic Rock Society on Mystery of Weather.’ If it is instrumental electric guitar music that you’re into with a leaning to the style of Akkerman and Summers, then this is definitely for you. This is the most soothing and neck tingling music I have heard in a while. This is wonderful stuff and the title track is simply exquisite. Real music fans will love it.’
free.jpg“This is an album of instrumental guitar music that meets somewhere between Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and Paul Kossoff. The arrangements are subtle and the album is very ‘late nite’ with slow grooves and wonderful guitar playing from the two.”David Clayton FAS Magazine on Mystery of Weather.
jazzwise.jpg“From moment to moment (Downes’) evocations leap from hairy rock-tinged John Scofield (Killer Joe), to howling Hendrix (Straight No Chaser)to rhapsodic-acoustic Ralph Towner (View in Blue). His alert comping enables Pearce’s trumpet to really stretch out over Coe and Bruce’s beats. Pearce has always demonstrated a naturally elegant turn of phrase and a secure lip that, unlike others, rarely if ever lets him down.”Jack Massarik on PD3 with Dick Pearce Live by PD3 with Dick Pearce
observer.jpg “Tone, nuance and balance are their strong points. Pete Downes (the ‘PD’ of the title) plays guitar, both electric and acoustic, with a distinctively bright and crystalline sound, while bassist Andy Coe and drummer Tim Bruce match him to perfection.”Dave Gelly on Street Scene by PD3
Sounding both relaxed and contemporary simultaneously, PD3 represents a cohesive trio of guitar, bass and drums. These three are well versed in the art of collective improvisation and seamlessly interwoven lines.Derek Ansell on Street Scene by PD3
“The sound of the Pete Downes Trio is a thing of beauty,and their latest album is a perfect reflection of this. Featuring a well balanced blend of new tracks and covers of diverse classics from the likes of Thelonious Monk, Sting and Jimi Hendrix, it’s easy to hear why the appeal of PD3 is growing at a healthy rate.” “Into The Blue, immediately casts a hazy spell which makes you think that if they listened to jazz in heaven,this would probably be it.”
Zoe Street
 on Into the Blue by PD3
jazzwise.jpgDelivering airily sublime takes of Pat Metheny’s ‘James’,and the booty-shaking groove of Earnest Ranglin’s ‘Surfin’ with equal aplomb, PD3 were one of the many highlights at the new Jazz Lounge at this year’s Glastonbury, garnering whoops of approval and pleas for an encore from the happy alternative crowd to the irregular club environment.” Formerly The Pete Downes Trio, this is a band forging a strong identity with unabashed playing and forthright delivery, not necessarily playing ‘jazz’ or ‘fusion’ – just good music, with strong originals to back up the quality covers.”Mike Flynn on PD3 live at Glastonbury
 “This is jazz that spans many different moods and intensities,ranging from a contemplative arrangement of Mozart’s “Requiem” through to Marcus Miller’s funky “Tutu”. I say it’s a tribute to the skills of both soloists that they achieve these mood changes without showing any joins.” Bob Bevan-Jones on PD3 with Dick Pearce Live
wimguard.gif“PD3 have surpassed all my expectations with an album that is nothing short of brilliant. “This was the album PD3 were meant to record, like Floyd’s Dark Side Of the Moon or Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue – ultimately listenable without a single bad track.” Gareth Forman Guardian
ejazznewsWhen I first heard this trio a year or so ago I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of approaches they used. This is an album that shows the trio developing and consolidating their sound while expanding the sources from which they draw material and it is one that I would recommend highly. Paul Donnelly Full review
This is an album of free flowing energy played by very capable musicians who pull off some adventurous arrangements and provide a marvellous overall balance. A sure hit with all jazz guitar fans and comes highly recommended. Wes Gillespie
jazzwise.jpg“There are many so-called stars who won’t release a more refreshing album than this one.” Andy Robson Full review
ejazznew.jpgTogether they have put together a set of self-composed tunes that explore notions of what a jazz guitar trio might be about. Paul Donnelly Full review.
musiccho.gif“The diversity and restrained virtuosity of this trio make them a striking and unique addition to the new wave of top British jazz artists. The music on Street
Scene is
fresh and uncluttered, complicated yet subtle. One of my favourite guitar albums of the year.” David Carr
“Great ability and great talent without pointless virtuosity. A good project in which the group COMMUNICATE their soul. A singular and particular “fusion” music, more profound than I have heard these last years, with a great sensibility. Bruno Pollacci AnimaJazz
Farnham Herald This is the sound of three like-minded musical souls who have harnessed many years of combined experience to produce a warm and satisfying record. This versatile trio offer up an engaging body of work which contain strong melodies amid its experimental edges. Neill Barston Full review.
South London Guardian It is not often I find anything good to say about CDs which land on my desk. However this was not the case with a wonderful new CD Street
by PD3..There are ten tracks on Street Scene and not one bad one among them Gareth Foreman Full article


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