Gibson CS-356 with Bigsby

This is now my main electric guitar for live and studio work. Very versatile guitar with sounds from a full bodied jazz semi to a Les Paul-like rich overdriven lead sound. Used on albums Song for Sophia and Mystery of Weather.

Marshall Vintage Modern 2266C

A 50 watt all valve combo amp, I’m now using this with PD3 and various other live acts. Just about clean enough with a nice valve punch. Very touch sensitive, it seems to emphasise the playing dynamics.

Rockett Pedals Allan Holdsworth Signature OD/Boost

A new purchase. I’d been looking for the ideal Overdrive boost combination for some time and found this. Great transparent overdrive sound that is very sensitive to the player’s attack and touch. The boost pushes the overdrive for more gain. Check out the YouTube Videos.

Boss ME-70 multi effects

This has plenty of knobs so I can tweek sounds while performing. I currently only use the ‘stomp box’ mode – not the presets. With PD3 I use the OD1 overdrive and the Solo setting, plus the analogue delay OD1 used on Hold On.

Eventide Modfactor

For modulation effects such as chorus, phaser, Leslie etc. I used the phaser for Ultraviolet and the Leslie effect on Cool it Weird.

Yamaha NTX900FM ‘classical’ electro acoustic

Used live and in the studio, a slightly narrower neck than standard classical and a slight radius, it is primarily designed to be amplified. Used on Song for Sophia.

Amalio Burguet 3FC flamenco

A guitar which can be attacked! Very dynamic. Sweet when played quietly and fast percussive attack when played hard. Lots of soul! Used on album Elements.