New video featured on Rockett Pedals site

My new Youtube post has been featured on the front page of Rockett Pedals website. The video presents a test of the Allan Holdsworth Signature OD/Boost. A great unit which is two pedals in one: a moderate transparent overdrive with bass and treble controls plus a very flexible boost which pushes the overdrive into smooth expressive overload.

Hear the latest PD3 album ‘Song for Sophia’


Song for Sophia PD3 (Pete Downes Trio)

Hear 2 minute sample tracks from the latest recording by PD3.

  1. Ultraviolet
  2. Hold On
  3. Song for Sophia
  4. Cool it Weird
  5. Partita in E BWV 1006
    See video
  6. Ballad for JM
  7. Over the Rainbow
  8. Jaxi Taxi
  9. Neena
  10. Fallen Idols

  • Pete Downes: electric and acoustic guitar
  • Andy Coe: acoustic & electric bass
  • Tim Bruce: Drums & percussion
  • Sophia Downes: vocals on track 3
  • John Tallon Jones: violin on track 6

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