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The new album by Pete Downes featuring famous classical themes with classic grooves is now available from all leading digital vendors.


New video of 'Ultraviolet'

PD3 playing ‘Ultraviolet’

From the new album 'Song for Sophia' by PD3 now on iTunes and CD Baby.
Pete Downes: guitar, Andy Coe: double bass, Tim Bruce: drums.
Guitar gear: Gibson CS-175 into Boss ME-70…

PD3 playing ‘Ultraviolet’
Bach Prelude 3 video

Bach Prelude 3 video
From JS Bach's Well Tempered Clavier book 1.

Bach Prelude 3 video
C For Miles: in search of the ultimate guitar sound

in search of the ideal guitar sound

I've been experimenting with overdrives in the search for my ideal sound. I've tried many 'off-the-shelf' devices and several 'boutique' devices.  So far my favourite solution is the Rocket Pedal's…

in search of the ideal guitar sound

Song for Sophia PD3 (Pete Downes Trio)

Hear 2 minute sample tracks from the latest recording by PD3.

  1. Ultraviolet
  2. Hold On
  3. Song for Sophia
  4. Cool it Weird
  5. Partita in E BWV 1006
    See video
  6. Ballad for JM
  7. Over the Rainbow
  8. Jaxi Taxi
  9. Neena
  10. Fallen Idols

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