A few of my favourite guitarists and musicians

Here are some clips of some of my favourite musicians – past and present.

Jan Akkerman

Here playing with the band Focus. This guy inspired me to play guitar. Akkerman mixed jazz licks with a rock sound and managed to avoid every cliche in the book. He was shredding before the word was used!. They also did Sylvia, released in UK around the same time. Quality musicianship and humour!

Pat Metheny
Wonderfully lyrical guitarist and composer

John Scofield
Great string bender fusing blues, rock and jazz.

Ana Vidovic
Wonderful classical player who started very young, playing ‘La Catedral’. First movement is in the Grade 8 curriculum, and an earlier performance where the guitar is bigger than her!

Miles Davis with John Mclaughlin
Check out how liquid the 3rd of the scale is:Major, minor and everything between. I discovered the symmetrical diminished scale thanks to this track (s,t,s,t,s,t,s,t).

Paul Kossoff
I learned vibrato and string bending listening to and working out his solos with the band Free. Great expressionist playing. Also with paul Rogers: one of the finest rock vocalists ever in my view. Great blues rock feel. Simple and effective. Big sound for a trio.

BB King
How to express a lot with one note!

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