PD3 playing ‘Ultraviolet’

From the new album ‘Song for Sophia’ by PD3 now on iTunes and CD Baby.

Pete Downes: guitar, Andy Coe: double bass, Tim Bruce: drums.
Guitar gear: Gibson CS-175 into Boss ME-70 (OD-1) plus Eventide Modfactor for Phase and chorus. Amp: Marshall Vintage Modern 2266c.

One thought on “PD3 playing ‘Ultraviolet’

  1. I admit I own too many amps – if that is possible. I purchased the Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 when it was first released here in the States. The first blew within 15 minutes. The replacement did not work at all. That was the bad part. They were replaced immediately from Guitar Center with zero hassle. Here’s the good part… Out of all the Marshall amps I’ve owned, and there have been many, including real vintage collector pieces, the Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 is by far the most versatile amp I’ve ever had the pleasure of cranking up. The vast tonality at your disposal is very impressive if you take the time to play around with it and learn to use your volume and tone controls on your guitar. It is absolutely fantastic. From early Clapton to Hendrix to even an almost Twin Reverb clean is easily attainable. The mid and high gains provide even more delight and versatility not available in and all-tube amp. For gigs I ABY the Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 with a Fender Custom Shop ’64 Vibroverb with both amps on a custom dual amp rack with results that would give any guitar player chills. In my book the Marshall Vintage Modern is a must have for the serious player. I can also use it at very low volumes in practice environments due to the two pre-amp circuits and master. That won’t work with most any other amp out there. Can’t say enough good things about it even though the first two were duds. In my opinion it is the Marshall’s Marshall. Absolutely amazing amp no matter what the price tag.

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